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Health Funders Assoc. supports nationwide lockdown

The Health Funders Association, a representative organisation for medical schemes, administrators and managed care organisations, applauds President Ramaphosa’s leadership and stands behind his call for a nationwide lockdown.

While the HFA recognises the economic strain that this action will exact on the country, we believe that slowing the spread of infection through the measures enforced by the President’s swift and decisive action is the most appropriate intervention.

In turn, leaders within the health funding environment have endorsed the call for infection prevention measures, such as physical distancing and hand washing, in visible and frequent messaging to South Africans.

Good leadership by those in the business and health sectors is paramount at this time.  To this end, the amendments to the Competition Act announced by Minister Ebrahim Patel last Friday will facilitate collaboration between the private and public health sectors in the interest of social economic solidarity.  This includes, concerted action to prevent an escalation of the national disaster; promoting access to healthcare for all South Africans; and, reducing the costs associated with testing and treating COVID-19.

The HFA recognises the massive strain that this pandemic will place on our health system and on the dedicated health professionals who are at the frontline of delivering care.  The HFA and its members have an important supportive role in ensuring access to appropriate care for all who require it and is committed to contributing to these efforts.

As a member of Business Unity South Africa, HFA commends the establishment of a Solidarity Fund to support those whose livelihoods will be threatened due to the shutdown and fund infection mitigation and treatment of the disease. 

“We stand fully behind the South African government and the National Department of Health and expect that the COVID-19 pandemic will strengthen the relationship between leaders within the two sectors and demonstrate what can be achieved through constructive collaboration”, says Lerato Mosiah, HFA CEO.

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