• Shaun Bateman

Concerned about the cost of private healthcare now and in future?

The simplest way to access affordable GP consultations

Are you looking to plan ahead for your healthcare without the hassle of getting into a long-term commitment? NetcarePlus GP Vouchers may be the answer to your need for a GP consultation now or in the future.

“Given the uncertain financial times in which we live, many individuals including younger people, those who are employed on a contract or freelance basis or close to retirement, and those who may not have day-to-day medical scheme benefits, are increasingly looking to plan for the future,” says Teshlin Akaloo, managing director of Netcare’s recently established Innovative Products Division, which has just launched the innovative new GP consultation voucher under the NetcarePlus brand.

“Most day-to-day healthcare needs can be fulfilled by a general practitioner (GP). NetcarePlus GP Vouchers enable individuals, families, or employers to pay for GP consultation vouchers in advance, at a discounted rate compared to medical aid tariffs, offering excellent value for money.

“This provides consumers the choice of purchasing vouchers when they can afford it, for use when they need to consult a GP. A voucher can be purchased on the NetcarePlus website (www.netcare.co.za/NetcarePlus). FNB clients can also purchase vouchers through FNB’s app and the eBucks shop.”

Akaloo explains that there are three options to choose from: in-person consultations either with or without acute medication being covered in the voucher cost or a virtual consultation only. The vouchers are transferrable and can thus be gifted to another person by forwarding them the SMS with the voucher code.

“NetcarePlus GP Vouchers offer a useful and highly affordable way of saving on current and future healthcare. Individuals currently have access to a network of over 500 participating GPs on the NetcarePlus Trusted Partner Network across the country. We expect the network to continue expanding in numbers and across geographic areas.

“The peace of mind of having one or more doctor’s consultations paid for and ready to use for a rainy day when you may need it is very reassuring. We intend to improve the quality of people’s lives through these vouchers offering enhanced access to private healthcare, and other products to follow in future,” Akaloo concludes.

How NetcarePlus GP Vouchers work:

- Pay for the voucher or vouchers you have selected on the NetcarePlus website, www.netcare.co.za/NetcarePlus through a secure platform. The voucher and code will be sent to your smartphone by SMS.

- The vouchers are transferrable. If you want to gift a voucher to someone else, simply forward the SMS voucher and code to them.

- When you or the person who will be using the voucher is ready to make an appointment, simply choose a GP from the NetcarePlus Trusted Partner Network on the NetcarePlus website and phone 0860 101 151.

- For in-person consultations, you will need to present your NetcarePlus GP Voucher SMS and code to the receptionist at the doctor’s rooms, as proof of payment.

- For virtual consultations, the NetcarePlus Partner GP will send you a unique link via SMS to the secure digital platform on which your consultation will be hosted. If the GP prescribes medication during the virtual consultation, a script will be sent to you by e-mail.

For more information on the NetcarePlus GP Vouchers visit www.netcare.co.za/NetcarePlus

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