• Shaun Bateman

A Brief History of Biopharmaceuticals

Join Teva's Steffen Nock as he takes us on a brief journey through time that charts where biopharmaceuticals came from – and where it might be going.

You may have heard of #biopharmaceuticals – complex medicines made from living cells or organisms that have the potential to deliver precise and personalized treatment. Steffen Nock leads Teva’s specialty R&D department and here he charts their history, from their initial discovery in the 1890s right up to the present day.

Teva is investing in biopharmaceuticals as part of our long term strategy for the future, and to help patients around the world. We are focusing on treatments for the central nervous system, respiratory conditions and oncology. By making this long-term investment today, we are shaping Teva’s path towards growth for the next decade.

The benefit that biopharmaceuticals will bring to patients is what inspires us as we invest in the exciting future. This new direction is integral to bringing more treatment options to patients, and supporting our mission to improve lives.

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