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        Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin

        Nipple Cream for Mom

        and Baby

            ansinoh® has been dedicated                                          It can also be used as a naturally
            to supporting new moms                                               moisturising lip balm.
        Lfor nearly four decades. It
        is because it was founded by                                             Take confidence in the various
        a breastfeeding mom that it is                                           applications of Lansinoh HPA®
        committed to helping women thrive                                        Lanolin Nipple Cream, for they
        as they become new mothers.                                              are built on a foundation of clinical
        Lansinoh believes that moms who                                          efficacy and safety. With almost four
        choose to breastfeed should have                                         decades of breastfeeding expertise,
        the support and encouragement                                            Lansinoh is trusted by parents and
        they need to experience all                                              healthcare professionals alike.
        of its benefits. The bond that
        breastfeeding builds between mom                                         Lansinoh understands that
        and baby is unique, and should be                                        pregnancy; birth and breastfeeding
        cherished for as long as it lasts.                                       are a rollercoaster ride, and strives
                                                                                 to be a helpful and empathetic
        Lansinoh has been creating                                               resource to parents through the ups
        breastfeeding support products for                                       and downs. Lansinoh celebrates
        nearly 40 years to enable moms                                           the bond between parent and child
        to successfully tackle some of the                                       because family is everything, and
        challenges they might encounter                                          understands how important family
        in their breastfeeding journey. To                                       concerns are. Lansinoh is there
        assist moms around the world who                                         to listen and not judge; to guide;
        trust in innovative quality products,                                    empower and nurture families
        Lansinoh offers a comprehensive                                          through all that they go through.
        range of nursing; pumping; as well
        as birth preparation and recovery                                        There will be tough topics to
        solutions in more than 60 countries.  colour or smell because it is      confront in every family’s evolution;
                                             100% hypoallergenic lanolin and     Lansinoh will be there to resolve
        Most famous of its products is       nothing else. For these reasons,    them with respect and expertise.
        Lansinoh’s award-winning HPA®        it is the only lanolin product to   Do not hesitate to lean on their
        Lanolin Nipple Cream, which          have received the British Allergy   experience and proven credentials,
        differs from other brands in that    Foundation Seal of Approval.        for Lansinoh will always strive
        it contains an ultra-purified grade                                      to do right by their consumers;
        of lanolin, which has been refined   Lansinoh HPA® Lanolin Nipple        employees; the environment and
        using a unique process, making it    Cream is proven to soothe and       our shared future.
        safe for both mom and baby. There    protect sore, cracked nipples. By
        is no need to remove Lansinoh        using the ultra-purified nipple cream   In South Africa, Lansinoh is sold
        HPA® Lanolin Nipple Cream            with support from a breastfeeding   in-store by Dis-Chem (150); Clicks
        before breastfeeding, because        expert, moms can breastfeed         (470); select Babies R Us stores
        it is 100% pure and natural with     securely in the knowledge that the   and Independent pharmacies
        no preservatives; parabens or        product is safe for her and her baby.  across the country. Online,
        additives. Every batch of Lansinoh                                       Lansinoh is sold by Dis-Chem and
        HPA® Lanolin Nipple Cream            In addition to safety, Lansinoh     Clicks ( and clicks.
        undergoes full microbiological       HPA® Lanolin Nipple Cream offers respectively); Babies R Us
        analysis to ensure that it contains   succour to sensitive skin; nappy   (, as well as the
        no water or any medium in which      rash; itchy stretch marks; burns;   local e-commerce site, Azatimix
        bacteria can grow. It has no taste;   abrasions and dry skin patches.    (

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