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        Did you know that you can reduce the debtors’ days and improve
        your cashflow by simply using the follow-up manager on Elixir Live?

        What is the follow-up manager?

        The follow-up manager provides you with a single view of all information pertaining
        to invoices, account holders, account history and account notes. Use this tool to
        manage individual outstanding invoices on a task-by-task basis, including:

        •  Scheduling specific follow-up days for each outstanding invoice
        •  Manage your workflow by assigning each invoice to specific users

        •  Viewing the full history of the account and account notes
        •  Sending SMS or email statements to the account holder

                                                                        Every invoice created with an
                                                                        outstanding amount is automatically
                                                                        assigned a follow-up task

           IMPROVED DEBT

           COLLECTION ON                                                A unique follow-up date will be
                                                                        scheduled for each outstanding
                 ELIXIR LIVE                                            account with a specified number

             Do you know how a

             follow-up is created
                 on Elixir Live?
                                                                        Invoices that receive a medical aid
                                                                        rejection have their own default
                                                                        follow-up state

        Take control of outstanding patient debt during these tough economic times.

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