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        Galectin-1 linked to increased

        risk of type 2 diabetes

              esearchers at the University   “This is probably not as strange as   with newly diagnosed type 2
              of Gothenburg now associate    it might sound. My own personal     diabetes and healthy controls. They
       Relevated levels of the protein       theory is that the actions of       proposed that the protein could
        galectin-1 with increased risk of    galectin-1 found in the kidney are   be involved in pathophysiological
        developing type 2 diabetes about     linked to inflammatory processes,   mechanisms in the adipose tissue
        18 years later. At the same time,    whereas the actions of galectin-1   in type 2 diabetes development.
        this protein seems to be a protective   in the adipose tissue appear to   Later the team also showed that the
        factor for the kidneys among type    be largely linked to metabolic      protein was linked to higher insulin
        2 diabetes patients at high risk for   processes. Thus, we can expect to   levels in the blood of one thousand
        diabetic nephropathy.                see different mechanisms at work    participants in a study known as
                                             and different outcomes for the same   the Swedish CArdioPulmonary
        Findings of the study, a             protein,” says Emanuel Fryk, one    bioImage Study (SCAPIS). The
        collaboration with researchers       of the study’s lead authors. Fryk   protein was associated with
        at Lund University, have             is a resident physician in general   increased insulin levels after
        been published in the journal        medicine and a doctoral student at   adjusting the analysis for known risk
        Diabetologia. The researchers        Sahlgrenska Academy, University of   factors in type 2 diabetes, such as
        point to both negative and positive   Gothenburg.                        obesity, age, and gender.
        links between the protein galectin-1
        and type 2 diabetes. In a general    Counteracts inflammation            In the Malmö Diet and Cancer
        population, galectin-1 may be                                            Study, the researchers have now
        associated with an increased risk    Galectin-1, a protein expressed     been able to confirm that galectin-1
        of diabetes, but in patients with a   by fat cells as well as other cells,   plays a significant role in disease
        subtype of diabetes that increases   is involved in both the regulation   development in type 2 diabetes.
        the risk of kidney damage,           of inflammation and the function    In this large population study,
        galectin-1 appears to be beneficial,   of fat cells in the body. Five years   participants are also followed
        as patients with high galectin-1     ago, the research team at the
        levels in their blood suffer less    University of Gothenburg presented                            8
        kidney damage.                       results from a study of individuals

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