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                                Response to

        Dr Crisp regarding NHI

                                                      Michael Settas

              omments by Deputy Director-    and unproven claims of substantial   manifestly permeated the NHI policy
              General of the Department      advantages over our current         process. Not only is it patently
        Cof Health (DoH), Dr Nicholas        health system that will somehow     false – as it conflates expenditure
        Crisp, at the recent 2021 Forbes     automatically emerge once NHI is    of private monies with tax-funded
        Africa ‘Future of Health Summit’     implemented. The dearth of critical   public expenditure – government
        continue to echo the government’s    technical and feasibility analysis in   purposefully requires this claim as
        socialist mantra on its policy       the NHI policy process, now nearing   a deflecting mechanism by which
        approach to healthcare.              13 years old, is not only reckless   to evade accountability over public
                                             – given the vast and sweeping       sector failures. Government’s
        This zero-sum tactic comes in the    changes it proposes to both the     policy position is an intentional
        form of government’s contentious     private and public health sectors   diversionary blame game, a zero-
        National Health Insurance (NHI)      – but it is the clearest indication of   sum policy argument that the
        proposal, which Crisp seemingly      the overriding desire of socialist   private sector must be destroyed if
        lauds as a panacea, a silver bullet   government control over ever-      the government is to repair a now
        that will cure all the country’s     greater portions of the economy.    increasingly dysfunctional public
        healthcare woes.                                                         health system.
                                             Total expenditure on healthcare
        As we have repeatedly highlighted    in SA is 8.5% of GDP as Crisp       As is common, the bottom-line truth
        in our public commentary, including   states, but he continues to make   is far simpler than politicians would
        a research paper we published on     the spurious claim that, because    have us believe. The public sector’s
        NHI in May this year, the NHI is a   approximately half of this is private   health expenditure has
        destructive policy heavily steeped   expenditure by private citizens on
        in discredited socialist ideology    themselves, this is the root of public                        14
        and strongly reliant on untested     sector woes. This is a claim that has

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