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        Simple, inexpensive, fast

        and accurate nano-sensors

        pinpoint infectious diseases

             The graphic highlights the key features of Nano2RED, an innovative diagnostic method invented by professor Wang and his colleagues.
             The top section illustrates the rapid timeline of steps for production of the test, which can all be carried out in roughly 20 days.

             The middle section of the graphic shows the basic steps involved. First, a large library of synthetic antibodies or nanobodies is produced
             and screened against a known antigen (left), next, nanobodies are attached to gold nanoparticles (middle) and finally, disease antigens
             are detected in a sample when gold nanoparticle-bound nanobodies fuse with them, producing a positive test result, (right).
             Courtesy of the Wang Lab

          n recent years, deadly infectious   colleagues and collaborators at the   innovative Rapid and Electronic
          diseases, including Ebola and      University of Washington (UW),      Readout process (“RED”) devel-
       ICOVID-19, have emerged to            Seattle describe a novel method     oped in the Wang lab delivers
        cause widespread human devas-        for detecting viruses like Ebola    test results, which are detectable
        tation. Although researchers have    virus (EBOV) and SARS CoV-2.        as a color change in the sample
        developed a range of sophisticated                                       solution, and record the data
        methods to detect such infections,   The technique, known as             through inexpensive semiconduc-
        existing diagnostics face many       Nano2RED, is a clever twist on      tor elements such as LEDs and
        limitations.                         conventional high-accuracy tests    photodetectors.
                                             relying on complex testing pro-
        In a new study, Chao Wang, a re-     tocols and expensive readout        The technology represents a
        searcher at Arizona State Universi-  systems. The in-solution nano-sen-  significant advance in the fight
        ty’s Biodesign Institute and School   sors (“Nano2” in the name) serve
        of Electrical, Computer & Energy     to detect disease antigens in a                               14
        Engineering, along with ASU          sample by simple mixing. The

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