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For patients living with heart failure,

                                                                       Time is essential.                 1,2

                                                                       So is                                   3,4

                                                                                 *as a second-line therapy, replacing ACE inhibitors or ARB. 5

       Give patients QoL and longer life expectancy with VYMADA                                ®6,7

       Compared to an ACEi, patients on Vymada
               -  show an improved quality of life (based on overall KCCQ score) 7
               -  have a reduced risk of hospitalisations for heart failure 8

               -  have a projected increased life expectancy 6

                                VYMADA ®                               Treatment with VYMADA  can increase remaining
                     ACEi                                                  life expectancy up to 28% vs ACEi  6
           Cardiac function   and QoL  early and sustained improvements
                With VYMADA ® , patients reported
                  in how they feel vs ACEi 7
                                       Hospitalisations                  Add up to 2 years
                                                                       of life for your patients 6
                    1 YEAR      2 YEARS    3 YEARS     4 YEARS   5 YEARS    6 YEARS     7 YEARS
                                             Disease progression
                                                               Adapted from Mesquita et al 1  and Gheorghiade et al  2
       In PARADIGM-HF, VYMADA reduces HF hospitalisations and CV death       %    reduction in CV
                                                                         20RRR    death or first HF
               40                                                         p<0.0001  hospitalisation
                                                                          end point
           Cumulative probability of  HF hospitalisation or CV death (%)  30  NNT=21
                                                                          27 month NNT
                                                                         For ARNI therapy
                                                                          to ACEI therapy
                                                                          Enalapril ®
                 0   180    360     540    720    900    1080   1260
                         Time since randomisation (days)                  Adapted from McMurray et al 8
       PARADIGM-HF trial was stopped early, after a median follow-up of 27 months, because the boundary
       for benefit with VYMADA  had been crossed.  8
       QoL = Quality of Life; KCCQ-OS = Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire Overall Summary Score; ACEi = angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor; ARB = angiotensin receptor blockers;
       CV = cardiovascular; HF = heart failure
       For any Vymada product related enquiries, please contact the Novartis Customer Contact Centre on 0861 929 929
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       hospitalization. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2016;68(3):241-248.
       SCHEDULING STATUS: S3 VYMADA ®  50 mg film-coated tablets Reg. No. 50/7.6/1019, each film-coated tablet contains 24 mg sacubitril and 26 mg valsartan. VYMADA ®  100 mg
       film-coated tablets Reg. No. 50/7.6/1020, each film-coated tablet contains 49 mg sacubitril and 51 mg valsartan. VYMADA ®  200 mg film-coated tablets Reg. No. 50/7.6/1021, each
       film-coated tablet contains 97 mg sacubitril and 103 mg valsartan                     Scan QR code
       Note: Before prescribing, consult full prescribing information.                      for full professional
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